Tuesday, March 29, 2011

as salam,,,monink 2 ol!!!:)))

as salam,n monink 2 ol!!!today's a good start for me n i expect today would be da best day ever in my life,,,hehehehehe...speaking about monink2 cmni ni,hah jom kte nk share a bit about a few tips on how to stay energized for the whole day...well,bese la kn klu bkongsi topik2 sbgini d wktu pgi yg sgguh indah seperti skg,lallalalalallalalalalalalalalalalala....luv da atmosphere,,,,,:))))....ok,la x nk merapu or waste da spaces in my beloved blog ni,,,jom kt tgk ap kah tips for today.....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!teehee...:D:D:D

How to Stay Energized Throughout a Long Day

Energy is the capacity for the body to perform work or vigorous activity, something most of us never have enough of. Throughout a long day, you have highs and lows in your energy level, which is controlled by multiple factors in your life. Here are several tips for how to stay energized throughout a long day.


    • 1
      The food you eat is a direct source of energy to your body. Carbohydrates and proteins serve as major energy providers. Basil actually increases physical endurance. Colorful fruits and vegetables not only offer healthy antioxidants and vitamin A and C, but the sugar breaks down in your body as a source of energy.
    • 2
      Stay hydrated! Dehydration will cause your body to lose energy and to feel groggy and weak. Drink lots of water throughout the day, especially if it's hot or dry or you are very active.
    • 3
      Rest well. Try to get an average of six to eight hours of sleep each night so your body can rest and regenerate. Without the proper amount of sleep your body cannot properly provide you with energy and you'll feel drained earlier on in the day. If you don't get enough sleep, try to fit in a 20-minute power-nap to re-energize your body. You will feel better after, and you will get more accomplished once you feel rested.
    • 4
      Walk and stretch throughout the day. Roll your neck to ease tension in your head and shoulders, stand up and stretch your limbs every 30 minutes if you work at a desk, twist at your waist in your seat to stretch your spine and point your toes. Hand-greet or deliver things to people at work just to walk around. Take the stairs. By keeping yourself active and your muscles in motion, you will stay alert and your body energized.
    • 5
      A little caffeine is OK. A cup of coffee each morning, hot tea, sodas or energy drinks or whatever your preference, all caffeine is a stimulant and will give you a slight boost in energy. But drink in moderation because it's fake energy and you will come down once the boost wears off.
    • 6
      Stay happy and motivated. If you love what you do for work, you will will ride that inspiration and stay energized all day (for the most part). Use your brain and your excitement to give you a natural energy high.
    • 7
      A few other factors that can give you little lifts in your energy and spirits are human interaction, adrenaline (from public speaking or surprise), love, a nice gesture and fresh air. Whatever works best for you, take care of yourself and keep your energy up!
      GOOD LUCK,tata!!!:)))

Sunday, March 27, 2011

its so tiring,but still best n xciting!!!:))))

as salam,mak ai,,,dh lme nor x update blog aq yg tsyg ni,huhhuhuh...its ok,tp x pe la sbb aq nk kongsi ngan uolz ttg aktiviti yg join tok bln ni, hrtue aq br je join bgkl dj 2011 yg berlgsg pd 18 mac yg lalu btempat d pkp la,as usual...yg bgi talk 2 ex-dj,mr.nian n right now,he's one of da crew,n u noe wt,,,bju die so damn cntik la,kaler2 oren gtue...hehheehe...ok,nvr mind n then,,,spjg bgkl ni bljln,sgt byk ilmu2 bru yg dikongsikn especially tok menjdi srg deejay yg xcellent n always wanna b on top,kih3...en.nian kt ni ajar la the basics on how 2 be like a dj,talk like a dj,behave like a dj,n everything cm dj la,,,hahahhahaa...xperience yg die bgi 2 mmg sgt la priceless n x kn available dkt mne2 la xcept kt cnie je...hehe...n then,ktrg ad audition dj,n mr.nian was one of the judges judging 4 da audition,,,n i found dat der r s00oooo mny hidden talents,u noe coz u noe wt,in overall i can say is that most of the contestants r talented n they r even much btter than us(the seniors),omjayyyy,,,,hahhahahaha,,,but i dun mind coz im so proud with em n hope 2 b on-air wit em mayb in da future,kih3....hehe,x nk ckp byk2,klu krg nk thu yg sal 2,leh la uolz enter diz website yarghhhhhhhhhhhh,hehehehe....
(enjoy ya,uolz!!!)

ok,before i end diz update,,,here r some of da piccas drg da workshop,MAJULAH PENYIARAN UTK NEGARA!!!!,,:)))